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Practical Philosophy


This inspiring 10-week course is held weekly on Monday evenings near Avenue Louise in Brussels.


The course offers time-tested principles to become more mindful and more connected. Enjoy some lively discussion with like-minded people.

See the Practical Philosophy page


Enrol now


Click here to reserve a place on the next introductory course starting Monday, 17th of September.


The weekly sessions are held from 19:30 to 22:00 pm, including a refreshment break.

See the enrolment page.



Other languages


The Practical Philosphy course is given in English on Wednesday  evenings. It is also give in French on Mondays, and in Dutch on Mondays (Antwerp) and Wednesdays (Brussels).




for dates, times and venues.


A taste of Philosophy? 


For the next 10-week Introduction to Practical Philosophy course, fees are reduced to 90 euros (from the usual termly rate of 135 euros).


This fee is fully refundable any time during the first three weeks for anyone who does not wish or is unable to continue for any reason.




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