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Founded in London during the 1930’s to explore economics

The School of Economic Science was founded in London in 1937 to promote the study of the natural laws governing human society and all related studies. At that time the central subject was economics, or as it was then known, economic science. The establishment of the School followed closely upon, and arose as a response to the great economic depression of the early 1930s, which had a devastating effect on the economic and social welfare of thousands of people. Thus the main issue underlying the early studies was how economic justice might be achieved through a sound and fair system of taxation and equitable distribution of wealth.

Fundamental questions led naturally to the study of philosophy

As studies continued, they led to fundamental questions about the nature of the world and the universe, the nature of human society and the real essence of a human being. The pursuit of these questions led naturally to the study of philosophy. In the early 1950s philosophy courses were first offered and this soon became the main subject. Philosophy remains the central subject in the School and forms the essential reference for all other studies.

Guidance from an ancient philosophical and spiritual tradition

oorsprong 001 - Mr McCoorsprong 002In 1961 the founder and head of the School, Leon MacLaren, made contact with one of the leading figures of an ancient philosophical and spiritual tradition in India, Śrī Śāntānanda Saraswatī, who was the Shankaracharya of the northern seat of that tradition. The first meeting in 1965 opened up a very significant new dimension to the School's studies and practices.

For the following 30 years or so, this extraordinary teacher and Leon MacLaren held conversations in the form of question and answer interviews which yielded a great wealth of deeper knowledge. This knowledge remains a considerable part of the material used today. When Śrī Śāntānanda Saraswatī passed away, Śrī Vasudevananda Saraswatī became his successor and the School is still in regular contact with him.

International expansion

Earth from the moon


Expansion of the School internationally took place mainly through the enthusiasm of School members who, for professional or personal reasons, moved abroad.


Origins of the School in Belgium

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In 1970 Henri and Joan Schoup founded the School in Brussels. Later, in the 1980s a branch in Antwerp opened its doors. Now the School organises courses in French, English and Dutch. In 1995 Henri Schoup passed on leadership of the School in Belgium to Mr. Alain De Caluwé.


Current Leadership

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The content and direction of the studies and practices in the School worldwide are now overseen by Donald Lambie, who took over the leadership when Leon MacLaren died in 1994. As noted above, Mr. Alain De Caluwé is the head of the School in Belgium.


Practical Philosophy


This inspiring 10-week course is held weekly on Monday evenings near Avenue Louise in Brussels.


The course offers time-tested principles to become more mindful and more connected. Enjoy some lively discussion with like-minded people.

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The weekly sessions are held from 19:30 to 22:00 pm, including a refreshment break.

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Other languages


The Practical Philosphy course is given in English on Wednesday  evenings. It is also give in French on Mondays, and in Dutch on Mondays (Antwerp) and Wednesdays (Brussels).




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A taste of Philosophy? 


For the next 10-week Introduction to Practical Philosophy course, fees are reduced to 90 euros (from the usual termly rate of 135 euros).


This fee is fully refundable any time during the first three weeks for anyone who does not wish or is unable to continue for any reason.




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